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Wright Stuff Management Group was founded in 1990 by Donna Wright.

Donna Wright is known for making music history. Managing such artists as The Backstreet Boys, *N’SYNC and PINK. Wright Stuff Management has always been at the forefront of the teen pop explosion. Now Donna Wright is about to do it all over again. Wright Stuff is looking for male and female singers to make them Super Stars!

Donna Wright is passionate by nature and she wanted to wait to find an extraordinary group that not only had talent, but that she absolutely believed in. The first time she heard this group of teen boys singing acapella on the sidewalk outside of an Orlando Italian restaurant, it raised goose bumps and she took note of their name. The Backstreet Boys had already caught the interest of a prominent Orlando music developer who was providing the funding; however, they needed to find the right manager to promote them - someone with the experience and vision to forge them into a commercially viable act. When the Backstreet Boys arranged to have an audition with Donna Wright, she knew that this was the group she had been looking for. It was a fated day in 1994 after a Backstreet Boys concert in Columbus, OH, when all of the hard work paid off. The hysterical female response to the boys prompted Donna to call Jeff Fenster at the Jive Record Office. Holding her cell phone up so he could hear the screaming crowd, Jive's interest was piqued and history was made. It was Donna Wright who secured the Backstreet Boys with a record deal.

The summer of 1995, both Donna Wright and Clive Caulder, CEO of Jive Records, arranged for the Backstreet Boys to tour Europe, where they built huge followings in Germany and England. 1996 was ushered in with the Backstreet Boys being voted the #1 International Group in Germany. Their single 'I'll Never Break Your Heart' not only went immediately to gold, but hit #1 in Austria. The group earned their first platinum record in Germany. After a year and a half perfecting their act in Europe and creating a huge buzz internationally, Jive Re-cords decided it was time to bring the boys home to tour Canada and the US. It was 1997 and pop music was returning to the forefront in the United States. The Backstreet Boys second album while hitting big on US charts, debuted at #1 in Germany, Norway, Switzer-land, Finland and Austria. In total the Backstreet Boys had 13 Top 40 hits on Billboards Hot 100 and had sold approximately 100 million albums, making them the best selling boy band of all time.

The Backstreet Boys were number 1 in concert and album sales from 1997-2005. Two of their albums - Millennium (at #36) and Backstreet Boys (at #40) - are among the top 40 most popular albums of all-time. During this time, her ex-husband, Johnny was working on developing a second group out of Orlando – *N'Sync . Donna received a call from a hysterical Disney executive that one of their main acts had canceled at the last minute and could she think of a replacement. She immediately turned to Johnny declaring this is the break you've been looking for! Booking*N'Sync for this Disney Special was the first step that catapulted them on their own road to success.  Donna originally signed Pink to manage her after discovering her singing in the Orlando, FL area. Donna worked with Pink, promoting her in Orlando and New York before arranging for her to open for N'Sync during their summer concert tour. She broke Pink in the industry in only 8 months. While helping to bring Backstreet Boys to over 130 million albums and 2.3 billion dollars in sales she successfully managed N' Sync and Pink.